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11 Dec

Comet RAT v0.1.4

Comet RAT is a remote administration tool coded in and its open source. You can download the RAT with the full source from below. Features : TCP network stream (IPv4 & IPv6 support) Visit Website (hidden & visible) Show Messagebox Task Manager File Manager Startup Manager Remote Desktop Remote Shell Download & Execute Upload

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23 Oct

SpyNote v2.4.1 (Android RAT)

Spy Note is a free Android RAT with great features. Its similar to other Android RAT’s but it has more option and better stability. Features: -No root access required -Bind SpyNote APK server with any other APP -Install any APK and update server -Copy files from device to computer -View all message on the device

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07 Aug

Keyloggers SMTP Setup ** Not recommended as it blocks unknown IPs** Enable less secure by going to My Account > Connected apps & devices > Turn ON less secure Then, config is: Email: Username: example1 SMTP: Port: 25, 465, or 587 Use SSL Go to Account Info > Security > Turn ON less secure

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10 Apr

KilerRat V 10.0.0

Features: -File Manager -Process Manager -Remote Desktop -Remote Cam -Remote Shell -Registry -Keylogger -Get Passwords -Reverse Proxy -Send Msgbox -Run From Link -Run From Disk -Run Script -Format System -Open Website -Block Website -DDOS Attack -Open Chat -Spread in Hard Drive -Restart -Shutdown -Update Server -Uninstall Server -Restart Server -Close Server -Disconnect Server -Rename Server

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18 Feb

Babylon RAT

Babylon is a highly advanced remote administration tool with no dependencies. The server is developed in C++ which is an ideal language for high performance and the client is developed in C#(.Net Framework 4.5).

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08 Nov

Pony 1.9 HTTP Password Stealer

Pony is a great stable botnet with useful functions. This comes with the web panel which is in Russian and you need to use Google Chrome to translate it to english. Functions Collects FTP/HTTP passwords from 95+ FTP Clients. Collects Web-Browser passwords from popular browsers. Collects email passwords (POP3, IMAP, SMTP). Collects RDP Passwords. Bot

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15 Aug

SpyGate-RAT 3.2

This is tool that allow you to control your computer form anywhere in world with full support to unicode language. Latest Features: 1. The re-application from scratch programming 2. a simple amendment to the Alsuchit to make it lighter than the previous 3. correct some of the mistakes and correct When you copy the value

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