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15 May

Binder & More

UST is a simple tool to help users modify their exe file. features: UD Downloader – Download your EXE file and spread via USB & RAR/ZIP. Disable common windows features (Run, CMD, Registry, Control Panel, TaskManager, etc). Binder – Bind any files together. Icon Changer – Change any EXE files icon. Spoofer – Spoof the

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13 May

SIP KILLER (Call Flooder)

Flooding will be using the ancient software SIP KILLER, working through the services of ip-telephony. I’ll show you an example of the service 1. We go to and register. 2. Go to the “Settings” tab – “SIP settings”: 3.On the next page you will get your login data 4.Open the software go to

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30 Jul

Sanmao v1.6.1 SMTP Mail Cracker (VIP)

A powerful tool to crack SMTP. (This is full version of this software) Here are the update details of v1.6.1 1.added Domain’s MX record as smtp server 2.added port to connect, users can config which port the cracker will try to connect to, it supports multi-ports(split with comma) 3.result’s format can be specified, in case

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03 Feb

Batch Worm

A simple and FUD .bat worm to infect a computer. Futures: [*] Runs as service [*] Infects all computers on network via “net use” command Pirate [*] Infects all user accounts on network [*] Infects all files in C:Users [*] Hides file [*] Startup registry [*] Anti taskmanager [*] Kills desktop [*] Kills windows defender

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01 Jan

Inferno Worm Builder

Inferno Worm is an advanced virus builder that helps you in the best possible way to spread your RAT/Botnet server. With the advanced botkilling method you will be able to kill all the other competitors to get the best result.

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