Coailii Password Recovery 1.6

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Coailii recovers passwords from windows and uploads them to the panel.

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PHP Panel: Install notes: * Upload the admin panel to your PHP-enabled web server * Go to application/config/db.php and enter your MySQL server data which point to the Coailii database * Go to application/config/encryption.php and enter the encryption password you wish to enter in the tool * Go to application/config/urls.php and enter the path to the script. *** The domain config key is the domain name or IP of the host where the admin panel is. *** The base_path config key is the url path of the server where the script is. *** Let's say that our script is uploaded to h t t p : / / efbiai . com /misc/coailii *** In this case, you should set the domain config key to and the base_path key to /misc/coailii Default login: admin/admin