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AZORult stealer password stealer is designed to automatically search, Decrypt and send found data to the gate if necessary. The class of programs “Stealer” (Also called “Grabber”) is designed to help you restore your forgotten logins and passwords


Stealer of stored passwords, cookies, autocomplete from browsers:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, YandexBrowser, Opera, InternetMailRu, ComodoDragon, Amigo, Bromium, Chromium, 360Browser, Nichrome, RockMelt, Vivaldi,GoBrowser, Sputnik, Kometa, Uran, QIPSurf, Epic, Brave, CocCoc, CentBrowser, 7Star, ElementsBrowser, TorBro, Suhba, SaferBrowser, Mustangm Superbird, Chedot, Torch, Waterfox, Cyberfox, Comodo IceDragon, PaleMoon
(Cookies in Netscape format, in the admin panel they are converted into JSON)

Stealer of stored passwords:
Outlook, Thunderbird, Filezilla, WinSCP
Pidgin, PSI, PSI Plus, Skype, Telegram
Steam ( ssfn + vdf)
Anoncoin, Armory, BBQcoin, Bitcoin Core, Bytecoin, Craftcoin, DashCoin, Devcoin, Digitalcoin, Electrum, Fastcoin, Feathercoin, Florincoin, Franko, Freicoin, GoldCoin, IoCoin, Litecoin, Mincoin, Monero, MultiBit, namecoin, NovaCoin, Phoenixcoin, PPCoin, primecoin, ProtoShares, Quarkcoin, Tagcoin, Terracoin, Worldcoin, Yacoin, Zetacoin

Powerful file grabber:
— Ability to specify startup directories for searching
— Filter by file name mask
— Filter by file size
— Processing of subfolders
— Processing shortcuts
— Exceptions

Collecting system information:
— List of installed programs and their versions
— Tree list of running processes
— Information about the processor, video card, RAM, screen resolution, keyboard layouts, timezone, the user name, OS version

built-in loader:
— After submitting the report can download and run the file specified

— installed on your hosting
— has Various nye filters in the list of reports and passwords.
— Ability to download a report from the machine, which is a zip-archive with this
— Desired functionality can be enabled / disabled

Additional Features
— Stiller can restart on behalf of the user if launched on behalf of the system
— Self-destruct after sending the report (it is included in the admin panel)
— Support for .bit domains
— Possible to build in dll
— Ability to take a screenshot during the operation

Additional information




Hosting and Crypter

License Duration

Lifetime (Free updates, Free rebuild)

Supported OS


5 reviews for AZORult Stealer

  1. :

    do i have to buy crypter after buying this program ?

    5 out of 5
    • :


  2. :

    can data protector handle this and how will you set it up?

    5 out of 5
    • :

      Spartan crypter and Octopus Protector are more compatible with this tool

  3. :

    Please how do I set it up

    5 out of 5
    • :

      We can do the setup for you

  4. :

    Can it log IP when recovering pass?

    5 out of 5
    • :


  5. :

    Reking I have a few question.

    1- For example last version chrome edge etc… steal?
    2- If I want to buy,are we chatting here?how give me program on skype on telegram whats the trade platform?
    3- Have you binder for that?

    5 out of 5
    • :

      Yes it supports Chrome and Edge, We deliver thru client area We recommend using your crypters binder.

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