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DataProtector is indispensable tool to secure your programs content form curious researchers and crackers also prevent detection by antivirus programs


DataProtector is a crypter coded in C Sharp with the Framework 2.0 dependencies

  • Stable
  • Small stub size
  • Unicode Support
  • Supports x86 & x64
  • Supports Most Native & VB.NET Applications
  • Process Protection
  • File Scanner

Custom Startup, Unicode support, Binder, Custom installation, Assembly Changer, Strong Stealthy Persistence, Anti VM & SandBoxie, Spoofer, EOF Support, UAC Bypass, Built-in scanner and more

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License Duration

45 Days


1 PC

Supported OS


2 reviews for DataProtector

  1. :

    Best crypter i have ever seen! Big big vouch

    5 out of 5
  2. :

    can i use this crypter for agent telsle keylogger? and the 75$ is for how many month?

    4 out of 5
    • :

      Yes you can, $75 for 45 days

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