Octopus Protector


Octopus is Coded in C,C++ (Stub) and Delphi (Builder).

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Octopus is mainly an executable file Protector, although it offers many other functions. You can use it mainly to Protect an executable file, completely hiding its actual structure,code, and helping to protect it from being reverse engineered, analysed or cracked. Although your file will be totally Protected, it will execute and work just like before.

  • Stable
  • Native
  • Private Stub
  • No Dependencies
  • Works on X32 and X64
  • Small stub size
  • Process Protection
  • Anti Analysis
  • Spreader

FUD, Private stub, Free updates, Downloader, Installer, Spreader, Message box, Spoofer and more.

Additional information





License Duration

1 Month


1 PC


– 1 Stub for Monthly Purchases
– 12 Stub for 6 Months Membership (2 Stub each Month)
– 24 Stub for 12 Months Membership (2 Stub each Month)

Additional Private Stub



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