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19 Jun

Agent Tesla Keylogger

A great free keylogger with great options.   Features [+] %100 FUD [+] .NET 2.0 [+] server~200kb [+] Auto Update [+] Save Options [+] SMTP [+] HTML Log [+] Save Log: It can save logs without internet connection. When internet connected it can send collected logs with subject “Saved Log” [+] Keyboard Hook (All characters)

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17 Jan


A good keylogger with great options and also it is easy to make it FUD. Antis [x] AntiAnubis [x] AntiBitdefender [x] AntiKaspersky [x] AntiMalwarebytes [x] AntiNod32 [x] AntiNorman [x] AntiOllydbg [x] AntiOutpost [x] AntiWireshark Stealers [x] Google Chrome (latest version) [x] Mozilla Firefox (latest version) [x] Opera (version 10) [x] Windows Live Messenger (latest version)

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03 Dec

HB Logger v1.2.1

Simple system keylogger that will send the logged data to gmail. Use Gmail account and make sure this is Enabled > (Click Here)  

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13 Oct

Robot Stealer

This stealer will grab saved passwords from browser and it will upload them on your host. Before using the Robot Stealer upload the (Upload This) folder on your host and provide the Upload.php link to the stealer.

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