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First, a quick update. Since our publication of the RATting on AlienSpy Fidelis Threat Advisory, the AlienSpy domain was suspended by GoDaddy who was the registrar for the domain. Obviously that means no one currently can buy an AlienSpy membership, but it also means existing AlienSpy members and builders are also unable to authenticate for a valid membership.

There are currently four major impacts this has.

No new individuals can acquire the builder.
The builder no longer operates – no new malware samples can be created.
The control panel that manages victims no longer operates – all active infections are snuffed.
The forums and ability to communicate with the authors is down.
This means all AlienSpy actors worldwide are currently out of commission though the victim systems continue to have the malware present and disabled services like AV will remain in that state until corrected. However, victim systems are no longer controlled by the attackers.

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Rekings has stopped selling AlienSpy until they are back and agree to follow the rules that are being told to their company to follow.

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