Backtracing a RAT (Find a Hacker’s IP)

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Wireshark [DOWNLOAD]
Sandboxie [DOWNLOAD]

First open Wireshark.
Click on Wireless Network Connection or Local Area Connection (Depending on the Connection type) and click Start.
Backtracing 1

Go to the filter and type “dns”. (use “smtp” and “ftp” for keyloggers)
Backtracing 2

Now you are seeing all connections using dns.

Now we are going to use sandboxie.
Sandboxie is a useful tool used to analyse files before completely letting them in your system. You can run any Virus in sandboxie and once you terminate all processes your computer is not infected. So it would not add to startup or anything.

Anyways, go to the RAT, right click and run in sandboxie.
Backtracing 3

Now you are infected, but the virus is trapped in sandboxie, you can easily kill the process. Please do note that the hacker can still controle your computer and view your personal information. Make sure you CLEAR ALL SAVED PASSWORDS in ALL your web browsers, RATs can easily grab your saved passwords on web browsers FROM SANDBOXIE.

Head back to Wireshark, on the right side you should now see a connection between your computer and the RAT’s no-ip dns.
Try to look for something like or Here is a list of free No-ip domains which is what you should look for:
This is what it will look like:

Backtracing 4
Once you got the RAT server’s no-ip, open cmd and type:


Backtracing 5
Hit enter and you will get the IP.

Author : xVulnerable