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15 Jun

Blog hosting

Unfortunately our blog hosting was suspended and we lost all the files. We need to find the files and add them again and we need your help on this. If you wish to help kindly add a comment to posts that you have a trusted source to download (To avoid viruses) and if you wish

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29 Sep

How to buy Bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoin? Tutorial Tutorial Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Exchange

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08 Jun

Escrow Accepted

Hello everyone, From today we will accept escrow for purchases above $1500, We will be using forums, and Satoshi box for escrow service. Forum terms: 1. Client shoulders all the fees 2. The forum should be trustworthy 3. The escrow agent has to be trustworthy 4. Both parties should accept the agents terms Setescrow

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24 Apr

Shadow Broker Windows Exploit

On Good Friday, the Shadow Brokers released a massive trove of Windows hacking tools allegedly stolen from NSA that works against almost all versions of Windows, from Windows 2000 and XP to Windows 7 and 8, and their server-side variants such as Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012, except Windows 10 and Windows

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22 Dec

iSpy Customers Please Read This

Hi there, From December 21, 2016, iSpy Keylogger has been completely SHUTDOWN. All existing customers will get new logger. Please contact us with the following pattern before January 31, 2017. After, we will completely remove the Customers Database / Official Emails and any associated contact information we have. Once we are done from here, you

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09 Dec

BulletProof DNS

We just started our BulletProof DNS service today. Grab your Private BulletProof DNS today and no more DNS Blocking, Removing or logs. You can purchase it from HERE.

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18 Nov

Attention HawkEye Keylogger Customers

If you were HawkEye Keylogger users then send us your .NETSeal username by ticket because we are replacing your license to iSpy Keylogger. But remember this condition doesn’t apply if your HawkEye Keylogger license has been already expired more than a month. Everyone will get 1 month more days on your account.

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19 Mar

PerfectMoney issue resolved

Hello Rekings dear customers. We had some issues with PerfectMoney gateway. From now on for PerfectMoney payments customers should create PerfectMoney e-Voucher and submit the e-voucher details on payment form in client area. If you want to learn how to create PerfectMoney e-Voucher click here. Best regards,

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