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25 Mar

Dumpper v.80.8

    Dumpper is a portable and free software focused on the management of wireless networks in Windows. It also comes with several methods to display and check some security flaws discovered both WPS protocol as in obtaining the WPA / WPA2 key default basing on the BSSID and Essid.   Features Scans wireless networks and

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13 Aug

Trillium File Tool

Modify your exe files with Trillium File Tool. Functions: – Extension Spoofer (You can spoof all kind of words!) – Assembly Cloner – Update PE Checksum – Change Icon (All Icons) – Clone Digital Signature – Multiple Save methods

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02 Jul

Shell Booter

A great multi shell DDOSER. Features: IP Pinger Shell Manager Free Shells Port buttons Sexy GUI Shell logs (See if they are sending etc..)

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25 Jun

Biotech’s AIO V2.0

A great multi tool for EXE files. File spoofer, File binder and file pumper all in one.   Features -Spoofer 1) Spoof with any extension you like. 2) Spoof reverse the file extension only. -File Binder 1) Bind any 2 files together. 2) Create your own stub. -File Pumper 1) Make a file larger 2)

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19 Jun

Amuse CryptV2

A good FUD crypter. Features: 100% Fud FUD Runtime & Scantime New Securing Algorithm Auto Update File Pumper Usage: Max File Size is 1,539,270 bytes File must be coded in 2008 or higher Does not work with njRat

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18 Jun

No Distribute Scanners

Here is a list of free and paid scanner’s to scan your crypted file’s Scan4You (Paid) VirusCheckMate (Free & Paid) ZiScan (Free) Poison Scanner (Free) NoDistribute (Free & Paid) Majyx (Free & Paid)

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