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04 Sep


Crypter Bible Everything you need to know. We explain features, options, settings, basic knowledge, detections, how to not ruin your stub and ultimately how not to annoy the crypter owner. Terms & Definitions RunPE RunPE is the piece of code made to Inject the Payload into the memory of the chosen process. Injection The process

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25 Jun

How to setup Cyborg

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup Cyborg with FTP option. Setting up FTP account Set up a DriveHQ account at (Or use your own web host) Create a folder called logs like this Click on the “Create Folder” icon Create name of folder and leave everything else as it is. done!

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05 Jun

WinRAR Extension Spoof

In this tutorial you will learn how to spoof and extension inside Winrar. Prerequisites: – WinRAR 4.20 – A hex editor. – A file to spoof.   – Proceed to right click the file, and providing you have WinRAR 4.20 installed, click ‘add to archive’. – Choose to pack the file into a .zip archive.

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29 May

Backtracing a RAT (Find a Hacker’s IP)

Requirements: Wireshark [DOWNLOAD] Sandboxie [DOWNLOAD] First open Wireshark. Click on Wireless Network Connection or Local Area Connection (Depending on the Connection type) and click Start. Go to the filter and type “dns”. (use “smtp” and “ftp” for keyloggers) Now you are seeing all connections using dns. Now we are going to use sandboxie. Sandboxie is

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24 Jan

WhatsApp Web

In this tutorial we will show you how to use Whatsapp on your broweser. Steps: 1.Open Whatsapp on your mobile and open options then click on Whatsapp Web. 2.Then open on your computers browser and then scan the QR on that page using your phone. Done!  

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18 Jan

How To Detect Backdoors

In this tutorial you will learn how to detect any Backdoor. You can detect all type of Backdoors using this method BOT/RAT/Stealer/Keylogger and others.  

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17 Jan

Get Anyones IP From Skype

Get anyones IP from their Skype username. To do this you need a Skype resolver there are many Skype resolvers in Google in here we will add some of the resolvers that you can use. ResolveThem MostwantedHF Skypegrab So to get the IP of any Skype username, type the username on any of these websites

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