Escrow Accepted

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Hello everyone,
We accept escrow for purchases above $500, We will be using forums, and Satoshi box for escrow service.

Forum terms:
1. Client shoulders all the fees
2. The forum should be trustworthy
3. The escrow agent has to be trustworthy
4. Both parties should accept the agents terms

Setescrow terms:
1. Client shoulders all the fees
2. Once escrow agreement has been made client has 24 hours to add funds
3. Once funds received Rekings has 72 hours to deliver the product
4. If the product was not delivered within 72 hours client can claim refund
5. Once the project is completed client can check the files through ScreenSharing software’s and after testing we will password protect the files and attach it into Setescrow
6. Once your funds has been released we will provide the password on Setescrow