Are the payments refundable?

Purchases are non-refundable.

Why some of the freeware's are detected by Anti-viruses?

Most of those tools are research tools (Hacking tools) so because of that some of them might be detected by AntiVirus so disable your AntiVirus before running them. This does not mean that you should not care and run any file we strongly recommend you to use virtual machine. 

How long will it take to receive the product?

Products with HWID activation will take from 1 to 12 hours for activation.

When the affiliates will be paid?

24 hours after withdrawal request. 

Where can i get support?

You can contact us from live support, client area support and email.

How to buy a product?

Click on buy now on the products page complete the payment and wait for the activation. 

I paid what should i do now?

Wait for us to send you your product by ticket. 

Can i share my tools?

No you cant. 

I'm banned from my tool what is the reason?

If you move your tool to another computer you will be blocked automatically or if you use software’s which will keep changing your IP you will be blocked automatically. 

I have a problem with one of the products what should i do?

Open a ticket in client area explain your issue with details.