LetsBrute’it V.

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version (08/07/2018)

– You can copy the proxies which are in hits, free, To check and History tabs to clipboard.

version (06/07/2018)

– Major bug with proxy config (bruteforcer freezed) corrected.
– Settings -> new function added : Reactivating valid proxy when active proxies equals X.
– For capture stage all variables can now be used in Left string , right string , prefix or suffix
<<USER>> <<IAVAR>> <<LSVAR>> <<RSVAR>> and even <<COMPVAR>>
– If success key found on any stage (also for free hit <<free>>) bruteforcer will continue to check
if next stage url is provided, if yes then this next stage will be computed before capture stage.
– Settings -> new function added : do not show ban waiting window (to avoid popop)
– Settings -> new function added : start bruteforcing after combo loaded (useful for big combo – no need to wait)
– Settings -> new http request type added (less cpu on proxy configs)

version (30/06/2018)

– minor bugs

version (11/06/2018)

Password: rekings.com
SHA1: 5233d48cebb4501e15951b51c1ec696b1d8e2505
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