RC-SHELL v2.0.2011.1009 [PHP-Shell]

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one of the world’s best PHP Shells.

Some of RC-Shell v2.0.2011.1009 Features:

  • File Manager
  • FTP Manager
  • SQL Manager
  • PHP Mailer
  • Servers File Searcher
  • Upload Files
  • Download files to the Server Remotely
  • View System Processes
  • View System Info
  • CMD Remote Shell
  • Execute PHP Codes
  • Download Files from Remote FTP
  • SQL Table Dumper
  • Online Hash Calculation(Supports varioos hashing algorithms)
  • PHP-Shell Hunter(Find well known PHP-Shells on the server)
  • Port Scanner
  • Mass Code Injection
  • cPanel/Passwords Finder
  • SQL Credentials Finder
  • BruteForce/Dictionary Attack


Password: rekings.com
SHA1: 11957e6562edf60deb23e147c5b3a613b025e308