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AutoLOG is a keylogger and multi-platform password recovery tool coded in AutolT and Python and it has no dependencies.

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AutoLOG comes with around 100 unique functions and has a powerful built-in Antivirus killer and Bot killer. AutoLOG has very strong persistence and will be impossible to remove once executed on the target computer. AutoLOG has more functions that do not come in any keylogger such as a name-based process killer, a website blocker, a silent website visitor and even more functions such as a silent downloader and password recovery m’th over 20 modules.

  • Process Protection
  • Stable
  • Password Recovery
  • Browser Password Recovery
  • Email Password Recovery
  • Clean Logs
  • Supports All Email Providers
  • Copy Clipboard

No Dependencies, AntiVirus Killers, Password recovery, Strong keylogger, USB Spreader, Multiple loggers, Copy clipboard, Update your exe, Silent downloader, Unicode support, SMTP/Email delivery, SSL support, FTP Delivery, Bypass UAC and more.





License Duration

1 Month


1 PC

Supported Platforms



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