Bypass UAC & SmartScreen


The best way to bypass SmartScreen and UAC


Code Signing to bypass UAC & SmartScreen

Why do I need to sign my files?

  • Avoid UAC warnings
  • Pass SmartScreen filter (For EV certs its immediately, For regular certs after they gain a positive rep in SmartScreen)
  • Pass browser filters like “malicious file” or “not commonly downloaded” (for EV certs – immediately)
  • Pass some AV filters, which are blocking any unsigned executable
  • Make your software more trusted

What files can i sign?
– 32 and 64-bit applications .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi and .xap
– Java applications
– Apple applications
– VBA objects, scripts and macros for Microsoft Office .doc, .xls, and .ppt files

Certificate types
– Regular code signing certificate: you’ll get the archive with PFX and a password.
Regular certs should gain a reputation before they pass SmartScreen filter (contact us for details)
– EV Code Signing certificate: you’ll get a USB token with pre-installed certificate via mail or the link to installation page if you have your own hardware token

Advantages of using EV certificate
– EV certificates are the only type that you can use for signing drivers for Win10, see LINK for details
– Immediately removes SmartScreen warnings
– Immediately removes “malicious file” and “not commonly downloaded” browser warnings

3 free re-issue if your file becomes detected by AV’s then $60 for each re-issue

Additional information


Each client gets his own private certificate

Regular Certificate

Regular Certificate certificates must gain a positive reputation to get rid of SmartScreen alerts. To establish a good reputation your signed executable must be downloaded and executed for around 3000 times (Users must have Windows 8.1 or higher) You can use a clean file for this (We can help you with the DLL & RUN)

License Duration

1 Year


3 free re-issue then $60


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