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13 Oct

AhMyth Android RAT

AhMyth is a open source Android RAT It consists of two parts : Server side : desktop application based on electron framework (control panel) Client side : android application (backdoor)

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03 Oct

SpyNote v5 (Android RAT)

Spy Note is a free Android RAT with great features. Its similar to other Android RAT’s but it has more option and better stability. Features: -No root access required -Bind SpyNote APK server with any other APP -Install any APK and update server -Copy files from device to computer -View all message on the device

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02 Oct

DroidJack 4.4

DroidJack is a RAT (Remote Access Trojan/Remote Administration Tool) nature of remote accessing, monitoring and managing tool (Java based) for Android mobile OS. You can use it to perform a complete remote control to any Android devices infected with DroidJack through your PC. It comes with powerful function and user-friendly operation – even allows attackers

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