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05 Aug

Pupy – a Brand New In Memory RAT

Pupy is an opensource, cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android), multi function RAT (Remote Administration Tool) and post-exploitation tool mainly written in python. It features a all-in-memory execution guideline and leaves very low footprint. Pupy can communicate using various transports, migrate into processes (reflective injection), load remote python code, python packages and python C-extensions from memory.

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03 Oct

SpyNote v5 (Android RAT)

Spy Note is a free Android RAT with great features. Its similar to other Android RAT’s but it has more option and better stability. Features: -No root access required -Bind SpyNote APK server with any other APP -Install any APK and update server -Copy files from device to computer -View all message on the device

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27 Sep

Unknown RAT

Unknown RAT is a multi-OS RAT features are listed below. -Feature Persistence startUp (even if it deleted ) sleep hide proccess (32bit) Usb spread shortCut New method Upx spoof any extention (scr) Disable teskmgr & Msconfig Av Obfuscator Usg server Fud Uac Exploit 0 day disable & enable Bypass AV scanne & Runtime with Unique

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02 Aug

zAnti 3.18

Android Network Toolkit (zAnti 3.18) is an award-winning mobile penetration testing toolkit that enables IT Security managers and Pentesters to perform complex security audits and simulates advanced hackers’ capabilities in an organization’s network through a user-friendly mobile app.

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