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29 Sep

How to buy Bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoin? https://www.coindesk.com/information/how-can-i-buy-bitcoins/ Tutorial https://localbitcoins.com/guides/how-to-buy-bitcoins Tutorial https://99bitcoins.com/buy-bitcoins-debit-card/ Bitcoin Exchange https://www.coinbase.com/ Bitcoin Exchange https://www.coinmama.com/ Bitcoin Exchange https://localbitcoins.com/buy_bitcoins Bitcoin Exchange

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08 Jun

Escrow Accepted

Hello everyone, From today we will accept escrow for purchases above $1500, We will be using forums, setescrow.com and Satoshi box for escrow service. Forum terms: 1. Client shoulders all the fees 2. The forum should be trustworthy 3. The escrow agent has to be trustworthy 4. Both parties should accept the agents terms Setescrow

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