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KazyBot Lite
27 Jul

KazyBot Lite PHP RAT

Features: 92kb server Video tutorial for setup Message Box Chat Remote Desktop Fun Process Manager Visit Website Download & Execute Run Command Power Options Coded in C# (.Net 2.0 dependency) Limitations No Startup No Protection No Keylogger No Socks 4/5 No Plugins No Support 5 Connection limit

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Inferno Worm Builder
01 Jan

Inferno Worm Builder

Inferno Worm is an advanced virus builder that helps you in the best possible way to spread your RAT/Botnet server. With the advanced botkilling method you will be able to kill all the other competitors to get the best result.

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Loki RAT
18 Dec


Loki RAT is a php RAT that means no port forwarding is needed for this RAT, If you dont know how to setup this RAT click on tutorial.  

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11 Dec

D-RAT Source Code (PHP RAT)

D-RAT is PHP RAT that means no port forwarding is needed, There is a tutorial below this post that will teach you how to setup the D-RAT on your webhost.  

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