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xRAT 2
17 Oct

xRAT 2

A great free RAT with good futures. Features Buffered TCP/IP stream Protocol Buffers Compressed & Encrypted traffic between Client <-> Server Multi-Threaded Custom social engineering tactic to elevate Admin privileges (betabot’s trick) Visit Website (hidden & visible) Show Messagebox Task Manager File Manager Remote Desktop Remote Shell Download & Execute System Information Computer Commands (Restart, Shutdown,

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thc stealer v1
15 Oct

THC Stealer v1

A good stealer to steal others information. Steal Options: – Firefox – Opera – Safari – Chrome – IE – MSN – Steam User – jDownloader v1 – FileZilla – Pidgin Extra Options: – Melt (Delete itself after execution)

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Darkcomet 5.3.1
14 Oct

Darkcomet RAT 5.3.1

Darkcomet is a Remote Access Trojan or Remote Administration Tool. it is used mainly to gain access to your computers, but there are many uses for a RAT, I will provide most of them. Ability to control and view screen File management (Upload, Execute, Download, etc) Shell Access (CMD) Computer Power Access (Power off, log off, etc)

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13 Oct

CyberGate RAT v1.07.5

CyberGate RAT (Remote Administration Tool) can control your computer and gives you access to all your data. To use this application you need to open a port, You can use Albertino Port Mapper to open your port.

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